Sophia’s War

21 Jan

Sophias-WarThe year is 1776 and as Sophia Calderwood and her mother return to their homes in New York City, they witness the hanging of Nathan Hale and Sophia vows to do all she can for the American cause.  Little does she know, that she will become a maid and spy in the British General Clinton’s headquarters and learns of a traitorous plot to overturn the American army to the British.  On her own, as her contact has gone underground, Sophia must make a choice – protect herself from certain death of hanging if she gets caught or protect her country’s troops from failure and the end of their fight for freedom?

I really enjoy reading historical fiction, stories like this where strong female characters must step out of their stereotypical role of the time period and make a choice to make a difference.  Avi has created a strong, yet realistic character in Sophia Calderwood.  A girl who is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her beliefs, while at times still succumbing to thoughts typical of a young lady, like how attractive a certain, British officer is.  What’s even more interesting is the true story that Avi uses as a jumping off point for his own.  Everyone learns in school that Benedict Arnold betrayed America, but the story is fascinating and Avi uses just the right language to portray the suspense, drama, and intrigue of this time period in American history.

For more about Avi and other books he has written, check out his website.

Title: Sophia’s War
Author: Avi
Publisher: Beach Lane Books
Publication Date: 2012
Page Number: 320 pgs.


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