Red Sled

7 Jan

Red-Sled-by-Lita-Judge-292x300Red Sled by Lita Judge is a perfect story to share with a little one on a cold winter night.  Using only onomatopoeia words, or words that are used to describe sounds, Judge can tell an entire story of what happens to a red sled while a child is sleeping.  During the night, a bear comes to borrow the sled and very soon a number of winter animals go along for the ride!  This story is a great beginning to discuss winter animals, snow, and to introduce sledding as well.

The illustrations are perfect for the story, simple, yet fun.  They are also relatively bright considering the entire story takes place at night.  Judge also does an amazing job of showing the majestic snow while also showing how quiet the world can be when there is snow on the ground.

I really enjoyed this story and although it might be a little more difficult to share with a large group of kids, I can easily see this story being a perfect story to share one-on-one giving the child time to discuss the pictures, make up their own story, and ask questions about the animals.  A beautiful winter story!

For more information about Lita Judge and her upcoming stories, check out her website!

Title: Red Sled
Author/Illustrator: Lita Judge
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 2011


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