Seeing Cinderella

20 Dec





Seeing Cinderella by Jenny Lundquist is fun, entertaining read – perfect for middle school girls, especially those who enjoy their fiction mixed with just a little fairy tale magic.


When Callie Anderson, a sixth grader who already has frizzy hair, freckles, and finds that she has to get glasses, she  drags her feet as any young girl would do.  And when the glasses she reluctantly chooses are on backorder, the optometrist offers a loaner pair, which give Callie a new perspective on life.


She finds out that the glasses allow her to see what other people are thinking – everyone from fellow students, teachers, family and friends.  Callie learns that she’s not the only one who feels awkward and strange in middle school.

This is a great, light novel for middle school students that show how everyone is different and the same at the same time!





Check out author, Jenny Lundquist’s website!


Title: Seeing Cinderella
Author: Jenny Lundquist
Publisher: Aladdin
Publication Date: 2012
Page Number: 240 pgs.


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