Ghost Knight

3 Aug

Ghost Knight written by Cornelia Funke is an entertaining read for children in grades 3 – 6.  The story is about an 11-year-old boy named Jon Whitcroft who is sent away to boarding school where he encounters a vengeful ghost wishing for his head.  A classmate by the name of Ella is ready for an adventure and helps Jon uncover the secrets of murder from long ago, a love story that has lasted for centuries, and a knight that may or may not be truly trusted.

I love Cornelia Funke’s work, she has also written the Inkheart trilogy, Reckless, The Thief Lord, and Dragon Rider.  What is even more impressive is that all of her books are written in German and later translated into English.  The translations are so well done, you don’t even realize that the book was written in another language.  Funke creates adventurous stories that are exciting to read with twists and turns that the reader never expects and her characters are described so well you can see them in your mind when she describes them.  For more information about Cornelia Funke and her books, check out her website!

This is a great story for anyone who loves historical fiction mixed with adventure and a hero in a knight in shining armor.

Title: Ghost Knight
Author: Cornelia Funke
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Page Number: 330 pgs.


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