Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading

31 Jul

I must have been in a pretty specific mood late last week when I picked my books to read for the weekend.  Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading written by Tommy Greenwald has a similar feel to yesterday’s post about the book Middle School – The Worst Years of My Life.

This is an entertaining read about a middle school student named Charlie Joe Jackson and the extreme lengths he goes to not read his assigned reading for school.  Middle school students, especially reluctant readers will understand Charlie Joe’s plight and laugh as the adventure ensues to continue his streak of never having read a book for school.  I really liked how many characters were fleshed out throughout the book – you get to meet Charlie Joe’s family, friends, teachers, and school administrators and his flair for the dramatic mixed with his wild imagination creates wonderful images in your mind as you read.  Tommy Greenwald’s voice is very clearly a middle school voice – that many readers will be able to relate to it whether you’re in middle school now or you went to middle school years ago!

Tommy Greenwald’s website is a great resource to learn all about his books.  He’s got a blog, book trailers, and a bunch of information about author appearances and contact information.

What’s even better is that the second in the series (Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit) is being released on August 7, 2012, literally a week away!  So don’t wait… read Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading. 

Title: Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading
Author: Tommy Greenwald
Publisher: Roaring Books Press
Page Number: 220 pgs.


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