Middle School – The Worst Years of My Life

30 Jul

Middle School – The Worst Years of My Life written by James Patterson (yes, that James Patterson… the one that wrote the Witch & Wizard series for YA, the Maximum Ride series, as well as the Alex Cross detective series for adults) is a fun read – especially for middle school readers and boys in particular.

On the first day of middle school, while sitting in a boring assembly Rafe Katchadorian and his friend Leo the Silent team up to create a game in which Rafe’s goal is to break every rule in the student handbook code of conduct.  He has point values for every rule that is broken and can receive bonus points for certain activities.  Needless to say, his parents, teachers, and the principal have a few issues when it comes to Rafe’s new game.

James Patterson has created an authentic voice in Rafe Katchadorian and I believe middle school students can really create to this character.  Throughout the story there are drawn illustrations that are reminiscent of Diary of a Wimpy Kid which readers will be sure to enjoy.

And if you liked this installment, check out the newest book in the series entitled: Middle School – Get Me Out of Here!  Or check James Patterson’s website for a great web series called Rafe’s Rants!

Title: Middle School – The Worst Years of My Life
Author: James Patterson &  Chris Tebbetts
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Page Number: 284 pgs.


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