Zombie Tag

6 Jul

If you’re looking for a new spin on zombies… this is the book for you.  Written by Hannah Moskowitz (a young adult novelist) Zombie Tag is at times a heart-wrenching, hysterical, and scary middle grade story about a 12-year-old boy named Wil.

As the story progresses you find out that Wil’s older brother Graham died six months earlier and Wil is still trying to adjust to life without his older brother, mentor, and best friend.  Throughout the story, Wil and his friends play a game called Zombie Tag which involves a dark house, kitchen spatulas, and a key.  The rules of the game are in the back of the book – and even as an adult, I’m tempted to play!

When Wil realizes that he could indeed bring his brother back to life, he doesn’t need to think twice, but when Graham returns, although he’s not searching for brains, he’s only a shell of his former self and Wil must decide between making the easy choice or being brave and strong.

This story is written in a voice that will resonate for pre-teens both guys and girls and I think anyone who reads this story can find an aspect that they will love.

Title: Zombie Tag
Author: Hannah Moskwitz
Publisher: Roaring Books Press
Page Number: 227 pgs.


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