5 Jul

First of all, Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans.  I hope you got a chance to see some fireworks and have a cookout!  I must say, coming back to work on a Thursday is a little weird, but it’s great that tomorrow is Friday already!  Over the past few days I was able to read Remarkable by Lizzie K. Foley.  A coming-of-age story with pirates, jam, a weather machine, a mysterious lake monster, and a whole lot of adventure!

The title of the story is simply, Remarkable, but the subtitle/cover art says, “Welcome to the town of Remarkable where every day in this remarkable place filled with remarkable people is positively remarkable for absolutely everyone except Jane.”  Jane is, Jane Doe the main character and the “most average ten-year-old who ever lived and the only student not admitted to Remarkable’s School for the Remarkably Gifted.”  The great part of this story were the characters – most were larger than life with great names, attitudes, Foley did a wonderful job of describing them.

When a pirate captain by the name of Rojo Herring comes to town to listen to the new bell tower that is being constructed, people begin to become suspicious and some of the town’s closely kept secrets might be in danger.  This is a great story about not fitting in, but also about being yourself.  It’s perfect for young girls going into 3rd – 5th grades!

Title: Remarkable
Auth0r: Lizzie K. Foley
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Page Number: 325 pgs.


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