Promise the Night

25 Jun

Over the weekend I read Promise the Night written by Michaela MacColl.  It’s a historical fiction novel about Beryl Markham, the first pilot to fly solo from England to North America.  I’ll be honest, before I read this book, I had never heard of her but, after reading about her life – I found her very interesting!

Beryl was born in England and raised in British East Africa, in what today is considered Kenya.  Her mother left the family to move back to England and Beryl was raised by her father and the local Nandi tribe where she learned to “jump higher than her head,” wrestle with the boys, and hunt for lions.  She also worked with her father on his horse farm and went on to become a very successful horse trainer in Nairobi.  Beryl then went on to fly across Africa dropping off mail and medical supplies to the far spread settlements.  In 1936, Beryl flew across the Atlantic Ocean from England to North America, the first person, male or female to ever accomplish such a feat.

This was a remarkable adventure story about a real person, which makes me even more interested in learning more about Beryl Markham.  If you’re familiar with Amelia Earhart’s story and want to learn more about female pilots during that time period, just out this interesting story!  This is a great read for upper elementary and middle school students, especially girls who march to the beat of their own drum.

Title: Promise the Night
Author: Michaela MacColl
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Page Number: 262 pgs.


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