Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time

23 Aug

Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time written by Lisa Yee is an in-depth look at what it is to be a teenage boy in today’s society with the pressures of family, friends, teachers, and girlfriends. 

All Stanford wants to do is play basketball, but when he fails 6th grade English and must go to summer school instead of basketball camp, his life starts reeling out of his control.

His father wants him to go to Stanford (his namesake) for college.  His mother wants to go back to work full-time but also has to look out for Stanford’s grandmother who is currently living with them while awaiting a place in an assisted-living community.  His big sister is a wonderful student and rather than come home for summer break is off taking classes on a boat sailing around the world.  Stanford’s friends can’t find out he failed a class and he has to be tutored by a girl-genius who is also a big nerd.

You can really the voice of a middle school boy in the novel as he navigates family, friends, and girls.  Usually, for this age group, realistic fiction tends to lean towards girls, but this sequel to, Millicent Min, Girl Genius, is an interesting perspective from a guy.  Check out the third in the series – So Totally Emily Ebers.

Title: Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time
Author: Lisa Yee
Publisher: Scholastic
Page Number: 320 pgs.


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